portrait of angela merkel – 04

the first pass on defining and combing the hair is done… she carries now 5 hairsystems to define the general haircut. i need comb it a little more in same places still. and i need add at least one other hairsystem to get the “stray” hairs, so that the hairdo does not look that much like a helmet as it does now… and, then i need adding hairsystems for brows and lashes too…


i might increase the children number too, but it already renders awfully slow, so if necessary i will do that only for the final renders… and, as it is so amazing how bad the viewport presentation in blender is, i add the following screenshot: the left side shows all the hairsystems in object mode with a good part of the childrens enabled. the right side when editing the black (!) one in particle mode, all childrens turned off, since otherwise it would be just one complete black mass… sigh… can you imagine how it is combing angela merkel in complete darkness…lol..


this is something in blender which i often regret. blender has wonderful tools, with lots of control, but blender is not artist friendly. maybe i miss something, but i have never found a way to comb hair in blender and see it while i comb…lol.. so, my way is, combing a little, switch ot object mode and see what i have done. maybe do a quick test render to really see how the hair falls… tedious…
after so much lamenting,,, i still prefer blenders hair system way over zbrush fibers….


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