crocodile – 03

here is the crocodile painted in substance painter… i am not happy. i had lots of problems with exporting the maps, there were many write errors, like black boxes on the top of the textures… but, i managed with struggle to squeeze out a render… (croco is posed with a lattice :-))


and, then, i did the same completely in zbrush. so i subdivided the croco to 18 mill polygons and painted a new texture in zbrush… this took far less time, and i got this:


this croco has no good spec map, as the one painted with substance painter has. it also has no bump map, as the one with substance painter has. still, i like the zbrush one better… i guess, i will postpone buying substance painter, these problems with map export are no fun… also, what i love in zbrush is the colorspray for painting, this gives so nice colorvariation in the texture which makes it much easier to make them look natural. i could not find such a tool in substance painter, maybe i missed it.


4 thoughts on “crocodile – 03

  1. Hi Doris…I continue to be so amazed by your speed of quality project output. How do you do it?

    May I also input my humble observation here— what seems to me that something awkward about the picture is the crock’s apparent motion juxtaposed with the calm water ( it looks like it was artificially put there) Crocks are clumsy movers…and sudden motion would create a ruffling splash or rippling in the surrounding water.

    Even if the crock held its position momentarily during this snap shot, it would still have residual wavelets after a few seconds.

    Anyway, what a fantastic presentation of the crock…I even notice the wetness on the legs and the wet dark spots. I always look forward to your next project. 🙂

    • hi mark, the speed came with the sculptcookie tutorials,,the content had to fit into the requested timeframe, so i had to learn to sculpt quicker and more efficient…

      haha, oh yes, you are so right about the calm water! how i overlooked this, is a mysterious to me 🙂 …
      i created the composition with the unposed croco, and then i thought well, the t-pose is quite boring, lets see if the lattice modifier can help with it,,, and while i was so happy about the dynamic and storytelling this created, i forgot that the water would splash quite a bit with it…
      thank you mark, your insights are always very welcome, lets me learn and grow 🙂

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