little princess – 13

… and this one is for greg 🙂 … i hope you will like it … setting scene in blender, rendered with cycles, painting effect done with photoshop…



5 thoughts on “little princess – 13

  1. Hey Doris, pretty good idea. The only point I don’t get, is why a water can is staying on the floor and why the ground the ground needs some serious cleaning 😀 I am sure it has to do with a book or a film, of which I don’t know. Anyway nice idea with this “dancing” scene. Everyone can definitely see how much effort into the project. Cheers Markus PS: If you want I could share some classical, tileable heringbone oak shader with you, I’ve recently created.

    • haha, funny… yes they need water to refresh after dancing, and the floor is so dirty close to the bars, since the rubber under their shoes rubs off… if this answer is not satisfying, you need to ask degas 😉
      and, with the herringbone, i keep that in mind, thanks for the offer!

      • Thanks Doris, I was sure, that there was a story behind the image. 😀 Despite the fact that I like classical art, I didn’t know about the artists nor the image. Pitty me. Cheers Markus

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