little princess – 10

today, i tried to rig her. i used the rigify addon (had to watch a tutorial first how to use it, it is not selfexplanatory), and of course, my princess needs much more advanced rig… so, i tried to create something that moves her clothes properly. i think, it will work now for posing her, it is however not good enough for animation…


ok, so in the next post, i hope, i can finally show the fotos session renders 🙂 fingers crossed, that now all works as intended.. 😉


4 thoughts on “little princess – 10

  1. Hi Doris, good to see that, you are making such a good progress. Today I’ve started doing a remesh in order to pose a mesh properly. I can probably learn something from reading your (future) blogposts. 😀 I got one tip for “posing” the clothes. You could try posing the cloth using an empty in conjunction with some hook modifiers. I’ve used a similar method in the past. You may check out my blogpost: Trying this technique could save you a lot hastle (setting up weights etc.). Unfortunatelly this method won’t give you the possibilitys to do detail adjustments… Ps: Did you came up with a final colour decision?

    • thank you markus for the link 🙂 .. i went a different route than with hooks. i made an armature for the frills, and had a copy of them also in the main rig. i adjusted the dress with the main rig, but the frills then with the second rig, which had bones that “copy transforms” of certain bones in the main rig. this ensured that the frills stick to the dress, and i was able to pose them independently… yes, i have decided for white 🙂 i opted for that already, but the poll ensured me …

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