little princess – 04

so, i finished the dress, besides little details like buttons etc. it was an insane amount of work to create all these folds, and even more insane to get the 13 meshes this dress is composed of to not penetrate each other,,, and i had to do this, since any penetration looked horrible in the render… there is still an issue with an hard edge on one of the frills. this comes from the fact that the top border is kept on the cloth of the dress with a shrinkwrap modifier and there is no fall off. once the girl is posed i will apply these shrinkwrap modifiers and smooth out this area… so, after long talking, i hope you like my dress design 🙂


all blender so far, except the retopo of the top part of the dress, that is done with zremesher… and i think the color is ugly, i will go with something nicer in the final render…


2 thoughts on “little princess – 04

    • yes, good idea, markus. purpure, the royal color. i was thinking of white, or maybe pink like little girls it love. so, i have now three colors to try and see which will look best…

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