little princess – 03

today i worked on her clothes. made a lot of experiments, to find out how i can achieve the effect i want… (the render has only a few samples,,,,)


hmmm, my original plan was to create her in this neutral pose, then make a rig so that i can pose her in many ways and make a “big fotoshooting” with her… but, now looking at her clothes (and this is just a start), and thinking of the hairdo i want create, i feel quite unsure if i can make a rig that poses her well… sigh… maybe it will be just one pose in the end…


2 thoughts on “little princess – 03

  1. Looking good,

    Blender 2.74 test builds are out the screen space (3d viewport opengl realtime ambient occlusion) could be useful for sculpting clay models. Have you had time to give it a test yet?

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