young lady – 03

and, here she is finished… 🙂 painting colors done in zbrush, all 8 hair systems done in blender. the “net” effect on turban and flower is done in blender via wireframe modifier. so, even though it looks complicated, it is rather lowpoly meshes, and renders super quickly… clothsim in blender…. and, i did some sculpt correcting in blender, to get the hair fit nicely under the turban, and some correction in her face. but boy, all objects in zbrush swirl around like a feather in wind when i sculpt. but in blender, the viewport lags tremendously when i just sculpt in local view the face… sigh… so, now at the end, i think it is a 50%-50% blender-zbrush work. render of course cycles, vignette in photoshop… i hope you enjoy:


and, since it looked so cool, i like to share the ao render in this case too:



10 thoughts on “young lady – 03

  1. Very cool work!!
    Love the oily colors in the green flower leaves.
    I was struggling with a zbrush sculpt of Dr. Michio Kaku and never finished it.. But seeing this gets me excited again so thanks!:D
    I do know what the problem is with the lag in blender (And maya is the same). The difference is that Zbrush only looks 3D in the viewport but it’s actually 2D. Zbrush never computes the backwards facing faces/vectors. You can easily see that, when you use transparency in Zbrush you never see the backside of objects. Blender and maya do compute all the faces so they have to work twice as hard:/
    Have u tried using Zplugin>Decimation master to decrease triangles before you go to blender?

    • hi tim, thank you so much 🙂 i am very glad to hear my work gives you inspiration back 🙂

      yes, i know about the 2d-stuff in zbrush, still this not completely explains the difference, as i had a 15 mill ztool, and it was sculpted without any lag in zbrush,, so half would be 7.5mill… but in blender the lagging begins at 1.5 mill sometimes even earlier… anyway, as blender and zbrush make such a good combo, it is not really a big deal…
      yes, i tried decimation master, and i use it if the polycount in zbrush is very high. but i prefer to bring over the sculpts as they are, since to me, the render quality of cycles seems be better when the edgeflow is well. decimation master however creates a mess of triangles, admittedly the sculpt almost looks like the undecimated version, but i believe the renders are somewhat different…

      good luck with your project dr michio kaku!

      • No thanks, thank you!:)
        And yeah you’re right it’s not 50% slower, i think that’s probably because in Zbrush the whole canvas is only 2.5D, but i’m not sure..Zbrush is amazingly fast working with millions of poly’s so there must be more then one trick involved:)
        And you’re right about decimation master, it’s probably more useful when creating models for games. You probably know a lot more about Zbrush than me (looking at your blog), i only made a couple of things with it so far. Including a feather and a bumblebee:) I tried a bit of maya rendering but my laptop is just too old. Never tried blender though. Do you prefer rendering in blender instead of zbrush?
        Have a nice day!

        • oh, yes i might have some advantage, as i am using zbrush since 2003 😉 so i grew with it,,, in 2003 zbrush just began with the sculpting abilities… and, yes, cycles is my prefered render engine. i like zbrush bpr for quickly showing off a wip model, but finished work i render in cycles for quality and more options.

          • Ah, cool, thanks for the information! I’m definitely going to try blender now.
            I will make a section on my blog for digital sculpting artists with a link to your page. And i’ll upload my sculpts too soon:)

    • hello heikeonestini, thank you. i am glad you like 🙂 … hmm, i doubt about the cookie tutorial, but i can try explain here the essential.

      the headdress, i call it turban, is 3 pieces. the first is the one closest to her forehead, and sculpted from a torus to fit flat around her head, leaving out a circular spot at the top back. the second part is very similar, you can duplicate the first one, push it then a little up and back. the third one is the most complicated one, but again done from a torus. here i worked in zbrush, using the brush “move topological”, and pulled out the leaf forms. i tried to get them in shape of flower petals without overlapping the mesh too much. ocassionally i zremeshed the whole on a low polygon count. the last step was to stretch some petals even more and fold them over. all this done with brush “move topological” and very big brush radius. it takes patience, as you need to avoid overlapping mesh… then i made a final zremeshing to get even quads.
      then i bring all parts into blender, and there i activate wireframe modifier for each part. i chose a small wireframe size, which of course depends on the size of your model. so you need try it out some…
      after that i did the hair in blender, and in blender sculpt mode moved now parts of the mesh of the turban so that everything of turban is above the hair. for that i hided the inner part, or the outerpart of each mesh as needed, in edit mode(!) since this masks the part in sculpt mode, even though nothing is visible of the mask….

      i hope this gives you the basic idea.

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