zwheel – a toy motobike

and here it is, rendered with cycles… was was most pleasant is, that the polypaint i made with zbrush transfered via goz to blender and arrived there as vertexpaint. so, i needed no uv for the general coloring, just a few for the decals i put…

i hope you enjoy this one, as i had lots of fun creating it πŸ™‚



… and, what is really wonderful is that goz even transfered all the polygroup information! these arrived as vertexgroups in blender, ready to use. very handy! … here is the completed model in zbrush, with all its polygroups, left is unsmoothed, right is smoothed…



6 thoughts on “zwheel – a toy motobike

    • yes, timotheus, it is fun to use such an intuitive tool. afterall, it is almost the same as blendermodeling, but the userinterface for doing this in zbrush is just insanely well designed πŸ™‚

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