don’t judge a tree by its bark – 08

i think, i call this final now … yes, it sounds a little frustrated… i love blender, and love zbrush, but still am not able to use them very efficiently together…
this model has in zbrush 23 mill polygons, not counted the straps, and some detail which i added in blender… goz did bring most(!) of it to blender, but not everything… and zbrush refused to decimate certain parts, with weird error messages… still what i have in blender for rendering are 7 mill polygons, and blender slows down on such a count. i really wonder what pixologic did to make it possible to swirl around such huge polycounts. i never had the slightest lag on the 23 mill ztool in zbrush, but blender screams a lot on the just 7 mill… enough said… so, this is not exactely what i sculpted in zbrush, but it is close enough… for the next project, i should think more of a plan how to work, to avoid these odd things…
so here is it. with all it flaws, revealed clearly by the many views ;-). … but i hope still the message of the composition reads well…





ps the flowers are partly zbrush, and partly blender 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “don’t judge a tree by its bark – 08

  1. A masterpiece! This work manifests contrast by culture, age, style, intentions, and cross generations. And the wonderful details…! Wish one day I could create a piece like that.

    • thank you mark for your wonderful words 🙂 … oh, you will create great sculpts, i am sure of that, just try always pushing yourself, and, same important, have fun while sculpting! … it was a hard piece, but i am really happy i did not abandon it but finish. so, yes, therefore your words make me more happy 🙂

  2. Congratulations for this work. Find both your subjects and the work quality well done. I also find your tutorials on sculpt cookie very helpful.
    If you have a suitable blender – zbrush workflow , post it please. I know zbrush for only a few weeks and still amazed every day of the performance.

    • hi markus, thank you! i am happy you like my work, and more happy that my sculpt cookie tutorials are helpful for you 🙂
      i am still finding my way to work blender and zbrush together… the best i found is using the goz addon, and i noticed via goz you can import the polypaint from zbrush directly into blender, it appears as vertexpaint, ready to use in a material. so, it is not necessary to unwrap, make textures etc… yes, zbrush performance is unbeat,,, i simply love that 🙂 … blenders dynatoppo however is better for sculpting than zbrush dynatopo 😉

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