z4r7 – again ;-)

i never liked boxmodeling much, but with zmodeler this has changed! tons of fun! enjoy! 🙂 (2 hours work, only, starting from a cube …)



6 thoughts on “z4r7 – again ;-)

    • hi timotheus 🙂 are you the timotheus i spoke with at sculpt cookie? … yes, i think zmodeler is worth a try… the idea came from a blueprint but then shortly after starting i thought it is way too bulky for my taste, and i want more like these drag cars keeping some features of the mentioned reference,,,, so it became this…

        • wow, that is nice, timotheus, that you visit me on my blog 🙂 thank you….

          yes, it is completely different from boxmodeling in blender, and i think, you never could get the precision that is possible in blender. on the other hand, once you understood how zmodeler is organized, it is very easy to create the most intricate models… i doubt i could have modeled the car in blender in just 2 hours, i guess it would have been 2 days … when you otherwise like how zbrush works, i think, you will embrace zmodeler too 🙂 it would be wonderful, if i could see then some of your experiments 🙂

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