z4r7 – another try

oh, i must say, i do love the new zbrush. contrary to what i read on zbc, on my mac z4r7 it is super stable, i did not have a single crash 🙂 … mind you, i am using the 64bit version :-)…

and, i do love the zmodeler, that is brilliant new addition, very artist friendly 🙂 … i made this little toy in about two hours, learning along the way 🙂



4 thoughts on “z4r7 – another try

  1. Looking pretty cute. I was really close to pressing Ctrl 2 a number of times 😉 I really like this concept. Is it easier to get used to the Zbrush modelling tools than to Blender? Thanks for sharing. Cheers Markus

    • if i only knew what ctrl 2 means, markus, i am very bad with shortcuts … 😉 … yes, it took me several days to get rudimentary modeling skill in blender, while in zbrush i had it down after 1 hour. so, yes, for my way of thinking is much easier… but then, contrary to many others, i love zbrushs ui, and dislike the one of blender, so i guess best is you try it yourself (if you dont have zbrush, pixologic offers demoversion too, as far as i know)

      • Hi Doris, the opinions people have the blender UI seem to differ. This is the spirit of open source. I really like that there’s such a great diversity among the community. Could you tell me where I can download a current zbrush trial because I couldn’t find one. Do I need to be a member of the Zbrush forums to access some certain download area? 😀 Thank you. Cheers Markus

        • whoops my fault, markus, i thought they had made available a trial version, ,,, the latest trial that is available, but not from pixologic themselves, is z4r6, so would not have zmodeler… i am sorry…

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