don’t judge a tree by its bark – 05

ok, i think i have now the main big elements in place, most of them are very rough still, but i think it will be now apparent how the title goes with this image, even though a lot of detail is missing that would support the story more… just zbrush screenshots for now 😉




4 thoughts on “don’t judge a tree by its bark – 05

  1. I know that no one will believe me, haha, but I guessed this was going to be the idea when I saw your previous post! 😉 It was the old ladies hand in the position of that holding a walking stick, and the arm/hand positions of the man that were the clues for me….but I doubted myself because without the context I could not tell whether the old lady was wearing outdoor clothes or a bath robe.

    • you see a big smile on me, matt 🙂 oh, yes, i do believe you, since i learned to know you as a person with a very keen insight for the clues in images, as well as how to interpret an image or how to make a composition so it reads as wished. … and, that you saw these hints, makes me happy since it means my poses do tell the story even if not everything is visible 🙂 thank you matt, for the confessing 😉

  2. It looks very natural and the expressions/stances lend a great deal of character to the scene! Can’t wait to see the finished result!

    • thank you, matt… yes, i am almost impatient too to see the finished piece… now comes the heavy duty, cleaning all these sculpts up, and adding the necessary details… back to work 🙂

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