lobster – 01

i was so inspired by a woodcarving of a lobster, that i thought i want try to make one in blender… here is how far i am, but i am not sure i will continue,,, since blender drove me crazy with these 10 legs: i wanted duplicate the 5 left ones, and then mirror across, but hey, blender douplicated the weirdest subsets, but not all of the legs with their respective armatures and poses… some leg was right, otheres not???? it took me 3 hours to find what was going wrong: the legs that did not copy correctly had the armature still in pose mode.. so, after i set all armatures in object mode, it all 5 legs copied perfectly … now, why can blender not tell me, that not everthing selected could be copied, because the objects were in different modes? …. anyway, here he is,,,





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