jewelry – 7

my final version… what i did: removing the pins and adjusted the shank to fit thereafter. changed the silver material to be more reflective, and tweaked the lightning to make everything more sparkly 🙂 …i hope you like. my special thanks to mark and matt for their encouraging help 🙂



7 thoughts on “jewelry – 7

  1. It’s getting better and better. I’ve one suggestion…. You might want to try some jade-like shader to the pearls or some grooves with some sss or translucent shader. Good use of modifiers anyway! Cheers Markus 🙂

    • One more secrets I wanted to share with you. I learned this in Warwick’s Vray course… You could use some curves for the r g b components to get a even more realstic silver shader depending on the viewers angle. Your final node setup could look like this: (be aware only the r curve is displayed) Visit for the curves of silver, but be aware of the wavelength of the colour components. Hope this helps to bring your image even further. Keep up your work.

      • hi markus, thank you for your suggestions. this piece i consider finished (the no time issue now before the holidays), but i know i will be doing more jewelry in future, it is so much fun. and then i will pick up your suggestion with jade and some surface grooves and such. also, big thank you for the info on how to improve the silver material. i have used rgb curves in my material, but not separate curves on the channels. will try your set up and see what i can come up with … thanks a lot!

  2. Wow, this looks amazing! I think I have to show this to my sweetheart for some inspiration (but now it’s already a bit late for Christmas presents)… Have a Merry Christmas, Doris – greetings from Hamburg!

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