star field

yesterday, i found an amazing tutorial on blender nation about using the blenders viewport render glsl and their different methods to present transparency to make a finished render very(!) quickly… i tried following the first main video, and came up with this… render time almost nothing ,,, i even rendered a 120 frame camera movement through the nebula in less than 20 seconds… here just the first frame:



4 thoughts on “star field

  1. Carl Irwin is an Open GL genius. You would not believe the number of posts I see on Blender Artists with people complaining that newer versions of Blender don’t have the inbuilt star field render (which was crappy). It would taken them 2 seconds to do a Google search and find awesome ways to make star fields in Blender using either Carls method or one of a multitude of others. You should check out the rest of Carls videos they are also very impressive.

    • thank you so much for this hint aiblender, i just looked through carl irwins youtube channel, it is amazing content. so, i have found a new topic to study 🙂 this will make that i can post my early sculpts in much nicer presentation, without the cost of long render time 🙂

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