jewelry – 6

i reworked the ring shank, and, ilike it much better now 🙂 thank you mark, for pushing me gently forward! 🙂



4 thoughts on “jewelry – 6

  1. Looking good!

    However, I do agree with Mark – the material of the silver coloured metal seems a little out of place, but perhaps that is just because of my own expectation of what type of metal I normally see on jewelry.

  2. Oh Yes definitely! It looks much more delicate with sleeker shank. I wonder why you have those two clip pins so visible on the big jewel but not on the two smaller jewels? Personally, I think its a bit tacky to have those pins visible on such exquisite high class jewels…it obstruct the view. There must be a way to secure the jewel without those pins (just as the smaller ones.)
    As Matt mentioned above, the silver could be more reflective/shining…it would certainly fetch a higher price at the Royal Auction house. 🙂

  3. hello my friends, matt and mark. … mark, i thought these pins be decorative, but obviously i am the only one. yes the jewels are hold by small bezels, the pins are not necessary for that… matt, i actually do like the silver material, but i will try to improve upon it.
    i am glad you both like the improvements, and i appreciate that you both do not let me settle on something mediocre … so, i will try to match your expectations 😉 since i today was sidetracked by a very interesting tutorial, it has to be done tomorrow, and since this is the last day i can work on it, i have to do it right then… thank you both so much… 🙂 🙂

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