learning modifier – 3

today was the day of the lattice modifier 🙂 … took my portrait of marilyn monroe and made a lattice for her… what i really liked is that the same lattice i used to deform the head, could also be used for all the other parts. i was surprised how easy it worked, as the meshes are quite highpoly 🙂 … it is not doing her beauty any justice, but i thought a heartshape would be appropriate, if i were going to deform her to learn how the lattice modifier works …



3 thoughts on “learning modifier – 3

  1. Always forget about the lattice modifier, and usually end up trying to do something similar with sculpting and grab brushes. This is much better for predictable results I think.

    • yes, matt, and actually here the beauty of the lattice modifier was that the whole ring is a flat ellipse, so easy to edit, and consists of a lot of curves and little objects, but with the lattice i was able to shape them altogether(!) easily in this pleasing domeshape… for a single object, i might as you rather jump into sculpt mode and use the move grush to edit the changes, but for multiple objects that should warp or bend together without loosing their relationship, lattice is the tool of choice. so glad i learned this finally 🙂

      edit: ha, i should look to which post the comment was made…lol,,, but it holds for marilyn too, so no harm happened…

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