learning modifier – 2

today i explored the skin modifier. it seems quite similar in functionality as zbrush’s zspheres, however, i found one can create loops, and thus holes too, ,,, this is very nice 🙂 … it is a little tricky to keep the mesh clean (but this is same problem with zbrush zspheres), but for creating a rough basemesh for sculpting afterwards in dynatopo, it seems be perfect. i will try that out, too…




2 thoughts on “learning modifier – 2

  1. I like ths skin modifier, I have used it and found it to be really quite useful. However, the issue with strange mesh overlaps is a little annoying in certain circumstances, but nothing that can’t be ironed out later with mesh editing.

    • yes, matt, these strange overlays are hard to deal with,,,but, zbrush has same problem with its zspheres. i think, one should consider this only as a very good method to quickly create a foundation to sculpt upon…

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