digital jewelry … done in blender, using the newly learned modifiers,,, was great fun 🙂 …



9 thoughts on “jewelry

  1. That is beautiful ! I imagine the jewels to be green and blue sapphires. And the rim is white gold? Too bad its not in color. It looks like a piece to be put on the head. 🙂

    • hi mark, thanks for commenting 🙂 yes, i can see your color choice would be very nice indeed, i went with black and silver as i like this too 🙂 … oh, i fear my bursts of creativity are rather sporadic, as often things go in the way, like making tutorials, or other duties and arts unfriendly occurancies … but, i am very motivated to learn now all modifiers, to see how i can use them for my creations 🙂

  2. Very good! Agreed with Mark – some carefully placed colour could work very well I think.

    Learning the modifiers is definitely a good thing for modelling, I am often surprised how people do things in a much more elegant way than I would, when I find out how they had used modifiers.

    • thank you dmpls! i used curve modifiers to create bend wires, skrew- followed by array and curve modifier for the wires that are wrapped around bend wires. and array followed by curve modifier for getting the pearls onto the wires. in sameway the little u-shaped wires that hang are created… so, it is just two techniques actually, but very often repeated…

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