portrait of … ? – 06

today, i worked more on the likeness. and then did some work on the composition, model each of the chess pieces, and worked on lightning as well… still some work to do, but it is coming closer to the end now 🙂 … and, yes, as was guessed correctly in the comments, this is meant to be a portrait of magnus carlsen, who defended his world champion title this year against viswanathan anand. this year the fight between the two was much closer than last year, but carlsen showed strength of nerves better… (this is my own humble interpretation ;-)) … so, here is how far i am with this portrait,,, as said, still work to do…



4 thoughts on “portrait of … ? – 06

  1. Ah, Magnus Carlen! Very good job 🙂

    I got very much into chess a few years back. I haven’t played in quite a while though, maybe time to dust off the board…

  2. Yes, it is tempting to take it up again, but I’m not actually sure if it is a good idea 😉

    I might have found the clue, I wondered whether perhaps the board position was a meaningful one for Carlsen. Unfortunately I hadn’t followed the world championship (not in Canadian news) so I had to do a bit of research. My first thought was that you would pick a position from the match winning game, so I played through game 11 and I think the guess might turn out to be a lucky one…it’s the position from the end of turn 16. 🙂

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