portrait of … ? – 03

a quick handretopo in blender to have an optimal basemesh for further sculpting. just under 1000 faces for the head.



2 thoughts on “portrait of … ? – 03

  1. Doris, I wonder if there is something similar to zremesher that I can use in Blender. I am new to computer modeling and don’t want to buy zbrush just for this tool. Also my modeling skills are not good enough to do a good hand remesh.


    • geronimo, unfortunuately, there is not yet a tool like zremesher in blender. there are two add-ons, that help retopo, one is free and available here , the other on blender market costs a few dollars. i have not tested either of it, so cannot tell how easy they make retopo… if you want see a little tutorial of me, how to easily approach retopo, look here videos 9-11 (these are free to watch).

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