wolly mammoth – 03

i have made nice uv’s for the mammoth in blender, and put multires and cleaned up the sculpt somewhat. but, i really did not like the brushes for detailing, and the performance, so i brought it to zbrush. made the uv islands to polygroups, so that i can easily hide parts of the mesh, and started detailing. the mammoth weighs now 6 mill polygons, no problem for zbrush, gladly. and, i had spent the sunday afternoon, to figure out how i would get such a beast back to blender. learned finally how to create displacement and normal maps properly (the goblender thingy crashes always on my mac, so i need do it by hand), and that zbrush actually does tell which number to put in the strength input of the displacement modifier… so, i can later bring all back to blender, put an armature and make poses and a pretty scene … 🙂



7 thoughts on “wolly mammoth – 03

        • hi matt, thank you for inquiry 😉 … i have the detail sculpted, all the wrinkles etc. i had to split the mesh, as now the head alone is 10 mill polygons. so i worked on how to get it best into blender. succeded after a long struggle. and, now i am figuring what app is best for posing, zbrush gives advantage of that i can also adjust easily the misshaped details after posing, blender gives advantage that i can adjust pose very easily when working with an armature, however, i cannot see how to correct mishaped details then… and, it is so slow, because i cannot work a lot on it, also because i have to use my energy for creating the cookie tutorials… but, hopefully, i can show soon some progress, please stay tuned, the project is not abandoned…

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