pippi langstrumpf aka pippi longstocking – 03

i gave pippi some clothes, and started on mr nilsson by making a zsphere model of the body in symmetry, and then modeled it a little into shape, and then posed it on pippi’s shoulder.



4 thoughts on “pippi langstrumpf aka pippi longstocking – 03

  1. Very cool, thought she was so cool when I was a kid. Of Course you cant just model her head you HAVE to do her whole outfit (multicolored stocking included). Though I am assuming that’s the same for the German version as it is from the one we saw in the Uk.

    And if you do pippi you have to do Heidi they go together (well ok only in my mind maybe) 🙂

    I’ll have visions of pink striped stocking and the mountains from Heidi all day now :/

    • yes, pippi is cool, heidi was not in my childhood hero, too tame for me 😉 … hmm, of course it is a fun idea to create the complete pippi, not sure though i will do that, as in the moment i am struggling with mr nilsson! … thanks for dropping in, i alwas enjoy your comments.

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