carnivorous creature – 02

as the creature is quite complex, i need proper masking tools, which blender does not offer. so i switched to zbrush, made a zremesher retopo and created polygroups for easy hiding parts of the mesh by a single click: (and, of course, i was not looking forward to do a hand retopo in blender on that sculpture ;-))


then made uv’s in zbrush using thes polygroups, since i plan to paint it


and sculpted some more (the “tree” got the same treatment), here showing a basic zbrush render of how far i am


the whole, creature and tree, still have just 1/2 mill polygons together. so, there is room for more sculpting 🙂


2 thoughts on “carnivorous creature – 02

  1. Are you still planning on painting it? What do you think of the UV options in Blender in comparison to ZBrush? I need to colour some of my objects, but I have never really ventured into complex UV maps before (box mapping always created the necessary illusion for me in the past!).

    • hmm, good question, matt. i really don’t know, in the moment i lost interest in it…
      the uv editor of blender gives much more control and is more precise. in zbrush a lot is automatic, which is good for speed and lazy people, like i am sometimes 😉 … blender also has a one click solution for uv, smart uv project, and it will work ok if the mesh is not too highpoly. of course the uv layout is not as good as hand made, but for many situations it will work. in particular, if you paint the texture directly on the model, and not plan to touch it up in photoshop, say… i think it is better than boxmapping on organic models, as boxmapping stretches the textures on curves… the best uvs you get, by defining by hand the seams of the uv islands in blender and then send to obj over to zbrush and let it unwrap by respecting the islands you defined. second best is let blender unwrap. and this is a good second best,,, but as i retopo this model in zbrush zremesher, it does not have proper edgelloops, but rather edge spirals. if you select an “edgeloop” sometimes half of the model is selected by the spiral. this makes it timeconsuming to define the seams in blender by hand, so i opted for letting zbrush do the job in this case.

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