marilyn monroe – a new render

marilyn in edge render, no longer available in blender 2.71, but i rendered it with an old blender version. i thought the style fits 🙂



7 thoughts on “marilyn monroe – a new render

    • hi matt, if ever you want try edge render, see vicky’s edge render thread at ba forum for explanation how. you need to use an older blender, i used 2.69, since it is no longer in the new versions. … next subject, still unsure. i am playing with an new idea, but not feeling i get somewhere. 😉 how is your project going?

      • I will take a look next time I come to render time. My project is going very slowly. My problems with hardware and then blender crashes were quite a derailing factor. I’m on vacation for 3 weeks from today, so I will return with full energy after that and finally see it over the line. The silly thing is that I started it at the beginning of this year and it’s August already…but I have spent way way less time actually working on it than Laocoon, so it’s really not going to be on a par with that. It’s just that I found the hardware barriers and software bugs to be quite off putting. Now I am past those I am building up steam again.

        • hey matt, sounds good about the steam 🙂 yes, hardware issues do really hinder creativity and productivity. i am glad you now have a decent maschine… though the new versions of blender do make me angry, hardly anything renders on gpu. even a just 2.5 mill plygon mesh with a simple shader and a hdri does not render anymore on gpu, ,, it takes only 600mb on cpu, but still does not fit into 2gb gpu,,,i hate that…

  1. Hey Doris, just a short question how did you create/ place the knots of the net? Could you please tell about your technique? Thank you for sharing. Have a nice weekend. Cheers Markus

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