georg – 09

ok, here once more, since i got wonderful advise at ba forum, and so reworked georg, ,,and i am quite happy about it 🙂



2 thoughts on “georg – 09

  1. Hey Doris, just catching up with this, I think this is big improvement! There are a few things that might add to the believably that you could consider:
    – the tear duct is usually quite pink,
    – facial hair is usually a lot thicker (number of hairs). If they are shaven then they are usually still visible just below the surface…not sure of the best way to do that,
    – the mouth seems to be positioned a little high relative to the nose and chin,
    – hair appears to have a few noticeable areas that have identical combing. Even well combed real hair has a lot of subtle variation between individual hairs. Anyway, I know the particle system can be quite a handful at times!
    – The hair might be a little fine? There is a lot of variation between adult male hair, but I would suspect that hair this fine is more common on people much younger.
    – Maybe a mismatch between very clean looking hair and slightly shiny looking skin? Of course it is possible in the real world, but the contrast between the two was something I noticed. Maybe try to make the hair look a little less clean? Some subtle random clumping? A very subtle added sharp gloss? Not sure…

    Anyway, looking very good!

    • hi matt, wow thank you for your suggestions. tearduct good point, facial hair, hmm yes maybe, actually i had increased number already, and more made it look like beard but i wanted look like shaven not too far along. yes, mouth is high, but same as on my reference foto i used for the face. yup, combing could need more love, i agree. oh, i did never notice that younger people have finer hair (except babies of course), i will look for it and see… yes agree too on the contrast skin and hair. and, i need do experiments to see how i can achieve the points you mention. … i appreciate your input very much, and will apply these to my next sculpt when i try to do a realistic portrait again. i do not feel to pick georg up again and try to push more. i hope you understand, but know your input is not wasted. the info sticks with me 🙂 thank you! 🙂

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