iguana iguana -03

so, i have now on all objects sculpted the fine detail in zbrush and made nice uvs in zbrush too, and imported it back to blender for rendering. so now the heavy objects are multires (can you see the extra spikes the multires bug produced? here i will leave it, as it does not disturb, this guy has tons of spikes anyway, so it is hard to tell which i did not put, but one can figure it out i think ;-)) so here is how he looks with a solid shader rendered in cycles


and, since the uv map zbrush produced for the little spikes look so very funny, i like to share them too 🙂



2 thoughts on “iguana iguana -03

  1. Looking great! What tools did you use to sculpt it? The smaller scales are from a custom brush? What about the larger scales?

    • thank you matt!
      yes, the smallest scales are from a brush with an custom scalepattern as alpha and drag rectangle stroke. the largest scales are done in blender, simply from a cylinder, with a few edgelooops, and shaped in edit mode. then duplicated, shaped again a little, and so on… the other scales are similar, but done in zbrush, since there is a “mesh-insert”brush, that lets you choose the mesh to be inserted, in this case a medium size scale, and then you can place it with a stroke, and while you stroke you can via the stroke the scaling (also along just one axis if you wish, makes it very easy to make some larger and thinner), and rotation. this makes it very easy to randomly place a lot of different scales from a single mesh … this would have taken a lot of time in blender…(though it is possible there too)

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