iguana iguana -02

first try on getting the scaly details, but maybe i went already a little overboard…



3 thoughts on “iguana iguana -02

    • ok, matt, i go for it. also since my first testrender in cycles (as you can see in the new post) the scales do no longer look so crazyly emphasized as in zbrush viewport.. (this is something i observed several times, when importing a zbrushsculpt to blender for rendering, the sculpt has to look in zbrush too pronounced, then it renders in cycles fine, if it looks fine in zbrush, it will render in cycles with loosing a lot of detail. this is one reason why i dislike sculpting in zbrush, since it is difficult to judge how “deep to cut”, so it renders fine with cycles)…aha, this time it is me with the long comment…lol 😉

  1. Ah, I still have a few issues with the viewport not matching the rendered version in Blender. The shadowing does look more extreme in Z-Brush though.

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