portrait week – 10 – gerd binnig

inspired by the exercise at sculptcookie i thought i try to apply this idea to my portrait of the physicist gerd binnig, who won the nobelprize, together with ernst ruska and heinrich rohrer, for the construction of the scanning tunneling microscope.


and, i thought it might be interesting to see the sculpt how he looked before i “rocky-fied” it:



2 thoughts on “portrait week – 10 – gerd binnig

  1. Did you take the photograph above in your garden? 😛 It turned out very nice. 🙂 I only doubt that you could sculpt the microscope in real stone because of this very, very fine details…

    • hi marcus, no this is a free hdri of a very nice quality called field… yes, that is right about the stonecarving, this is why i made the microscope so big, in reality it is so small it fits easily into a hand…

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