portrait week – 07

today i started the rough forms of my third portrait. this time it is again a mathematician, quite famous, since he did very profound results in many areas of mathematics, despite his short life, he died before his 40’th birthday… can you guess already?



6 thoughts on “portrait week – 07

  1. I guess it’s Riemann though I have to admit that I didn’t know his looks before. However, fits quite well since I just discussed the Riemann integral on Banach spaces with my B.Sc.-student this afternoon 🙂

    • hi anja, what a nice surprise, greeting to h 🙂 … yes, it is right, it is supposed to be riemann. will see how well i can get it with so few reference fotos. thanks for commenting, really enjoy it 🙂

        • i know you could not see her post, since i needed approve her post first, since she did her first post on my blog. i have this “approval thing” put on to avoid google bots etc post spam here… so, you were first too, since you could not see her post 🙂 you both won 🙂

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