portrait week – 03 (emmy noether)

ok, here she is, emmy noether as was guessed correctly in the comments (congrats marcus :-)) … a portrait very difficult, because of such small reference images,,, but, i feel i got some of her spirit, as i understand it from her biography… i hope you enjoy this portrait, she was one of the greatest mathematicians working under the most difficult circumstances, and for such a pioneer for women in math…




6 thoughts on “portrait week – 03 (emmy noether)

    • thanks jacob. yes, i am aware she is pretty unknown outside of math community,,, but, i kind of remember there was even a movie, i think about einstein, where the noether theorem and how she found it was “presented” …lol, it was very romantic and funny too,,.. haha, as movie makers kind of think how mathematicians work…lol…

    • hi mercedes. yes emmy noether was a remarkable woman.
      do you mean complete profile of head, so a little more turned than the second render? if you mean that, i have not done it, but i could do, if you like to. but if you mean a profile render where also her body is in profile, this would be much more work, since she is sculpted with the head turned slightly, so i would need turn the head back and resculpt the neck area. not sure if i want do that. have to check how much work it would be… please, let me know how you mean that, i might do it if not too much work. thank you for your interest.

  1. Hi Doris,

    I was just looking for a profile of the head. As you say, a bit more turned than the second render. No need for any more work on the sculpting.

    Thank you so much for your consideration!

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