portrait week – 01

i am starting a new portrait week, which again, will consists of 7 portraits of famous people. you may guess, if you enjoy, as i plan to show the development of the sculpts, at least two posts per portrait…

i said famous people, however this one will be more tricky. since, i choose the famous people out of scientists. this is harder for me for sculpting, as often only very few fotos exist, and harder for you dear readers to guess, since the faces of these people are generally not so well known,,, for that reason, i will give hints, too 😉

so, today, i begin with a woman, who was the first female math professor in germany. every math student knows her name and at least a litte of her work (or should know i would better say, i guess,,lol). and albert einstein said about her, “… was the most significant creative mathematical genius”…

so, here is the result of the first session, trying to capture her proportions from very few old, small fotos, showing her at different ages too… have you an idea who it is i try to portrait?


i hope you will enjoy this season too, and i hope i will learn more about sculpting portraits due to the difficult circumstances i put myself into 🙂 …


3 thoughts on “portrait week – 01

    • yes, correct 🙂 i am curious, how did you know, from the rough sculpt or the hints? … oh, algebra, of course, rings, ideals etc, she was one of the founders of modern algebra, as one example, there are rings with her name, because of that. …

      • 🙂 That’s probably the only female mathamatican I know (pitty on me). I didn’t know about her thesis before probably because it wasn’t part of my vacational diploma… 🙂 Thanks for your short explanation.

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