a “test-lady”

as i mentioned earlier in my blog, the new blender 2.70 has lots of problems with imacs that have i7 processors, as mine has. now lately two developpers tried to find what is going wrong, and i tested quite a number of versions,,, finally i got one, stripped of most of the new goodies, and to test it, i made this faraut inspired lady, a “test-lady” so to say,,, which i sculpted up to a quite high polycount, what i usually not do,,, but this version behaves now well again on my mac… :-), so i guess they found the culprit in the code, and i can hope to soon receive a new blender 2.70 with all jingle bells the others can enjoy already πŸ™‚

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 21.59.05


2 thoughts on “a “test-lady”

  1. Looking at Dev logs looks like the Blender Trunk version/2.71 will also have some nice performance improvements. So does that mean all the problems you were having have been fixed or are there still some left that havent yet been fixed?

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