paula – 02

so here, she is, paula (or angie for markus ;-))… i tried first time really to integrate a hdri background with shadows and reflections, not sure it completely worked, but i will try again on a later project to see how far i can push it… final remeshing, and sculpting was done in zbrush. and some color adjustments, levels etc in photoshop…




8 thoughts on “paula – 02

  1. So Angie for me. Thank you. I really like that you used an HDRI to light the scene. 🙂 I like her intense smile as well. Did you know that there is a way using light paths with which you could use an HRDI for the glossy parts and though have e. g. a single colour for the background? Happy easter. Markus

    • yes, markus, hdri lightning is difficult, but i like it. oh, no i did not know that you can separate the files. when i used hdri, i did alwyas all three, sometimes clicked “not visible to camera” and got a black backgound, or i used a bend plane with the desired color… will try it, sounds much easier. thanks!… and happy easter to you too 🙂

        • wow, thank you, markus, that is great! lightning is my weak part, some images come out nice, but only because i fiddle hours to achieve it. this reading gives me some insight i was missing… so, thanks a lot, what a nice easter egg 🙂

          • I also like the technique they used, that’s why I wanted to share it with you. I also like that they desaturate the hdri so much that it doensn’t contain any colours anymore. PS: I think I did a double post. Sorry for that… Kind regards Markus

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