orang mom with baby

quite some time ago, i did a dynatopo sketch of an orang mom with baby, now i did bring this into zbrush, and finished the sculpting there. that means first zremeshing. it is really amazing that zbrush can project such a difficult dynatopo mesh correctly onto the new clean topology, that was pure joy to see 🙂 then cleaning up the sculpt, and refining overall. … then back to blender, and rendered in cycles… i hope you enjoy… (please click for large view)



19 thoughts on “orang mom with baby

    • hey, two times matt 🙂 … thank you! i am really glad you like the lightning, i worked very hard for it. it is almost pure render, with the slighttest touch of photoshop for color correction in the shadows (via ao map)… but, rembrandt, way too high compare ;-),,, rembrandt is one of my favourite painters, w have a castle not to far away, that has quite some great rembrandt paintings. i love study them,,, and got several times trouble with the alarmsystem that secures these valuable paintings, when i stepped too close to see how he did achieve a certain play of light… lol… thanks matt!

  1. Haha, I sent once from my phone that didn’t appear to work and once from home, twice the praise is fine by me 😛

    That style of lighting immediately came to mind when I saw it, and your admitting that he is one of your favourite painters suggests that noticing the influence might be fair 😉 Haha, funny that you are setting off the alarms. As long as they keep letting you back in then it’s ok!

    I would love to see more of his work in person, but I think the last time I did was in London quite a few years ago. Nothing appears to be in a gallery near me right now, so it will have to wait until a holiday near a good gallery!

    Anyway, well done with the Orangs and the lighting, looking forward to the next post!

    • first posts from a new adress will come into a waiting queue to be moderate by me. i put this in my blog to avoid to get google bots posting here some nonsense…lol,,,, and, it keeps spammers low… so next time you post from your phone, it should work, if not, please let me know. hehe, when you visit sometime germany, maybe we can see meet and see some wonderful art, we have not only rembrandt here, but lots of famous woodcarvings (around 500 years old), riemenschneider, for example… i think, you would love them…

      • Ah, that makes sense! I had posted from my phone before, but that was the first time since I reinstalled the OS – must have thought it was a first post again.

        If we’re ever in Germany I will let you know and it would be great to meet up, and see some of the art there. Funnily enough, a few of my friends are there on holiday right now, and I nearly joined them – but the timing was not good.

    • thank you jacob! .. so your remark shows, i need wlearn more about materials creation in blender, it was supposed to be bronze… but, read my next post, might be interesting for you, though it is not 3d… 😉

      • Actually, looking closer I noticed that you put in the cracks the slight greenish the comes with copper, so I see now how the material is copper. =) Cool, I shall go check it out.

        • yes, that greenish i hoped gives the hint, maybe i should do it a tad stronger next time. thank you for your comment, it is very valuable for me to listen to how my work is perceived 🙂

      • What colour are you using for the gloss colour? The overall highlights look quite white so it suggests that maybe you are using a light grey or white? If so, I think metals tend to have highlights that are tinted to some degree like the materials colour. Only the parts with the most intense highlight show the white glossyness. In this case, it would just be a matter of plugging in a slightly desaturated version of the diffuse colour into the glossy colour (and tweaking brightness to get the quantity of highlights).

        • matt, i am using a very pale orange, and have an hdri for reflection… ymay be i should have done it more saturated, so it comes more for the metalic effect…..yes, good idea with the diffusecolor, though its build quite elaborate from texture vertex paint etc, but yes, i can see … i reall need do m homework on materials now,lol, always perfer scultping over all…lol…thanks for the input, i try putting it to action soon 🙂

          • If you are using a tinted gloss already, then I’m not sure – I haven’t rendered that many metalic surfaces. I do recall reading that they require fairly different set ups from most other materials though…

            • Maybe the surface is too detailed (or is it a bump map?). I would expect that the longer the viewing distance the more that it gives the impression of a high roughness in the gloss channel. So perhaps that is detracting from the metalic quality?

            • (i reply to both your comments in one reply, since no more reply buttons available :-(…)
              i have not much experience with metalic either, really need study them. i did for the fiat, but that was of course quite a different story…
              the surface is sculpted, if you mean the fur, there is a very slight bump map for the bronze,,, before i next time attempt bronze, i make first a simple model, like a sphere with a few sculpted lines, and test that. … thanks for your thoughts, will try to improve on next one 🙂

  2. No more reply buttons for me either, maybe it is trying to give me a hint.

    Yes, it might be the bump map that I am referring to. I looked a few pictures of bronze statues and it seems like the material can really vary a lot, some have no green patina, some have lots, some are very shiney, and some are not, but I don’t recall seeing that bump map level of fine detail on any. That doesn’t mean that you can’t of course, it just depends on what you want your viewer to think when they see the image.

    To be honest, the variation in the bronze statues and ornaments I looked at was huge, so there is probably a huge range of believable results. In general if I were to try and make a material for it I would think of it as the exposed edges and larger flat surfaces having the polished bronze look (perhaps because they are the only parts that can be easily polished!), there is a hint of gold in the hue there. The crevices seem to have 2 colours, one that is a deeper darker bronze colour (with a slightly rougher gloss) which covers a larger area, and then in the deepest crevices there is the greenish patina on top of that (which would also have the roughest gloss value). The first might be achievable with an inverted AO map and colour ramps? The second is something like you have already (dirty verts and colour ramps?), also for gloss if you haven’t already. I am away for a week from tomorrow, but I think I will try this myself when I get back, because I was not happy with my last bronze material when I knew less about Blender.

    • aaah, as i am the master of this blog,lol, i found i can increase the number of allowed reply buttons… so i put it ot the max that we can chat more, matt 🙂
      yes, bronze comes in very many different ways… yes, i did dirty verts and colorramps to control the greenish in the crevices and the glossy…..i think, next time i just pick one bronze statue, from which i like color and patina, and try replicate that…anyway, this is how i learnd sculpting faces, by attempting portraits. only now i am able to combine several references into a person i imagine, like paula…. so, i should go this good way with learning materials too… hey, maybe we can then do a bronze challenge here together on my blog, or on ba forum? like the idea? … hope your week away is an enjyable one, like holiday or such fun 🙂

      • Aha, more reply buttons, though I fear the screen may get very wide and I will have to scroll a lot haha. The Paula sculpt is even more impressive if it is a combination of references, I had assumed that it was someone you know, or a random picture off the internet! Agreed about the method of learning to sculpt perhaps also being a good method to learn materials – I like the idea of a Bronze challenge! I will definitely take part in that, either here or on BA. I can see that turning into a regular thing 😉

        Anyway, I’m off now, flight in 2 hours! Las Vegas, a bit different from my usual thing, but there is something to be said for a broader range of experiences I suppose 🙂

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