chimpanzee – 04

more progress: i added a first layer of fur, created an armature and posed, and made experiment for composition and lightning…will go somehow in this direction… and, everthing still needs a lot of improvement, i want him (or her? suzanne?…lol) look realistic in the end…



6 thoughts on “chimpanzee – 04

    • hi matt, glad you like her 🙂 … the eyes are two parts, an inner indented sphere with a hole (pupil), indent represents iris. behind the hole is a plane, textured black, iris texture hand painted, surrounding of iris black. the other part is a bulged out sphere (bulge over the iris) and transparent with strong sharp glossy…this mimics the way natural eyes are build. if not clear, just let me know and i prepare some screenshots…

    • hi markus, then charly for you 🙂 … oh, yes, more hairs to come! i work from the bigger hair masses down to the smaller ones, hairs at nose will be last… 🙂 … it is really fun for a change to try and create a realistic living being, and not a statue…

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