chimpanzee – 02

since i want push this chimpanzee towards “real”, i need nice topology. so i did a retopo by hand. even though, zremesher is much faster, i like the zen when doing retopo, it is very soothing 🙂 and, it is actually not that much work either, since blender has good tools for a simple retopo like a bust…



4 thoughts on “chimpanzee – 02

  1. I have an urge to want to call it suzanne 🙂

    In other news: Flood Fill for constant detail mode in sculpting just hit trunk. Not sure how it works but sounds like something you may be interested in Doris:

    • ok, then suzanne 🙂 … thanks for the info, i will try, though i had a lot of difficulty with the latest builts, they all had interface problems on my mac… i reported it, so hopefully they find what it is…

      • I am not sure which dev it is uses macs but could be worth asking on #blendercoders to see if one of them has a good build you can play with. I don’t have an advanced graphics card on this machine so I tend to miss the more advanced bugs.

        • yes, should do this at some point… oh, i don’t think it is errors because of advanced graphic card, for example one error is that the mouse cursor is not focussed at the pointers tip, but about 10 pixels below. makes it quite hard to click the correct button in a column of tiny buttons… other errors are similarly ridicuoulous, and rather annoying, flickering preview render when hovering the mouse over a panel, or preview render not starting, and more such oddities … maybe its good to wait a few days to give them time to clean up, so to say…

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