figure challenge – 07e

final render of my version of diana of versailles. i hope you enjoy 🙂



3 thoughts on “figure challenge – 07e

  1. Very, very nice you have put in so much efforts. I’d say that’s one of your most beautiful and detailed sculpts. You have catched every detail: the winkels, the sandals…:-) The only thing that indicates that it must be a 3d render is the bottom plate… Anyway very nice. Thanks for sharing! …Sorry for replying a bit late but somehow I had missed your latest blogposts…. 🙂 Kind regards Markus

    • hi markus, i am very glad you like her 🙂 yes a lot of effort, but it was always fun. the bottom, yes, it is just the plain cube, i lost patience,,,but then look at her in the louvre (for example on wikipedia image) and you see it is just a cubic stone box under her …lol… 🙂 thank you for giving me the idea, it was really an enjoyable work and study 🙂

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