figure challenge – 07c

so, i have restored all the previously sculpted, and today i did the first refining pass on the clothes.



7 thoughts on “figure challenge – 07c

    • thank you 🙂 glad you like this early stage already… no, i never tried marvelous designer, i had once a look at it, but as i am not good in “real” sewing clothes, i figured it would be not a tool for me. ..oh yes, the deer will be refined, actually today i am working on it. studied the skull, to understand the forms better,, i want bring the whole piece to the same level, so that it can stand on its own, so to say…

  1. My comment from yesterday didn’t appear to have been posted. Strange. Anyway, very good refinement! Glad you managed to restore your work – how did you do it?

    • hmm, no your comment did not arrive in my dashboard even, may be an internet hickup…. thank you, matt,,oh, i was just labourous, i mean, i simply sculpted everything again… not the most fun, but i really want to see her finished. this is a strong motivation 🙂

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