figure challenge – 07b

sometimes, i hate blender :-((( … yesterday, apparently, blender did not save my work, despite i remember clearly i did a lot of savings with increasing filenumbers while sculpting, and did a final save just before quitting. but, the files saved all have the same content (also the autosaves all same content), namely that of the day before …arghhhh… i hate when blender forces me to redo sculpting… :-((


4 thoughts on “figure challenge – 07b

  1. Did you try to recover the autosave? Blender autosaves every once in a while if you have it set up that way. And it can be time consuming to look through the various autosaves, but it might be worth a try.

    • thank you, jacob… yes, i checked all autosaves too. they have all the same content as my files with the increasing numbers, namely what i had saved the day before… at ba forum, they said it is a known bug, ahd that it was hoped that it was now removed. but apparently, i did something, that let that bug come out again. it is not removed, just better hidden, i fear … well, i made me a coffee, tried to forget the anger, and now have restarted to sculpt what i yesterday did. should go quicker now, at the second pass… i want see diana come to life 🙂

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