figure challenge – 07a

so, number 7 is going to be diana of versailles, as suggested by markus in the comments 🙂 … she is obviously still work in progress, but i am in the mood to share this stage as a simple screenshot already… pose ist set, i think, and the main clothes indicated, shoes are missing still…



2 thoughts on “figure challenge – 07a

  1. Looks good even at this early stage.

    To be honest I wasn’t expecting you to be doing as much sculpting as you have been giving the new Sculpt Cookie project. I just put it down to you never sleeping or you have figure out how to sculpt on two tablets, one in each hand 🙂

    • ah, what an idea! yes, i should try working with both my tablets simultanously!! lol… yes, i do a lot for sculpt cookie, but as you guessed, a little sleepness gives extra hours 🙂

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