figure challenge – 05

made it just in time,,,lol,,, i chose pradiers odaliske for the fifth sculpting… please note, as in the others, details are not my concern, just pose and anatomy, ,,hence the sketchy sculpt…


7 thoughts on “figure challenge – 05

  1. hi markus, glad you enjoy… for the next i have already the barberini faun in the works, but number 7 is still open… diana of versailles,, hmm, does not fit quite the challenge theme, as she is not nude, and my challenge is also about anatomy. her pose however is interesting, and clothing would add a nice extra challenge for the last piece… another is, that i did not found any images showing her back… but, yes, i will strongly consider her for the last piece, number seven. thanks for idea 🙂

  2. Hi Doris, sorry I didn’t know that only nude characters are allowed. I didn’t find pictures, showing the rear side either. Anyway I’ m excited to see the barberini faun…!:-) Cheers Markus

    • hey markus, no need to be sorry! i like your idea, and will do the diana as the final piece in the challenge 🙂 i will sculpt her nude anyway, before putting the clothing on top 🙂 … thanks for searching for references too. i think, i simply will use some other fotos, showing a similar pose. anyway, i really like to create the diana of versailles for the last one. thanks again 🙂

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