daniel – 04

made a complete handretopo for daniel and his clothes (since i dislike zremeshers endless spiralloops) … and then shrinkwrapped onto the dynatopo sculpt… hand, vest and his left arm were shrinkwraped in zbrush, since blender was not able to handle the difficult forms. all other parts in blender shrinkwraped… now clean up of the sculpts, and then hopefully more fun than the shrinkwrap nightmare from today… lol… (image is large, please click for full view)



2 thoughts on “daniel – 04

    • hi jbayley. thank you for the tip. yes, it looks interesting for character retopo, getting retopo around cylidrical shapes is so far the most difficult in blender, as snapping works only towards view, and the shrinkwrap is also not always helpful. thanks!

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