sleeping boy

i hope you enjoy 🙂

(click to see fullsize)


8 thoughts on “sleeping boy

  1. Nice, job Doris..I loved it..Just one question. May I use your picture to post it in my blog? ..I always credit artists properly with a link back to this page and recommending my visitors to check your work.

      • Thank you Doris,,I already posted it, and mentioned your name and link back to your blog. This for sure will spread the word about your art.. By the way, how long did it take to render this picture? And what render engine did you use?

        • yes, i have seen it… about the render: because sss is in the materials i needed render on cpu (which is 1/3 slower than gpu on my machine) and it took cycles an hour to render (i used branched path tracing, with more samples for the sss, and altogether 800 samples)

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