sad news

it feels a little odd to write such on a public blog, but i feel friends with you, my dear regular readers, almost like a big family. i feel like knowing you through the like buttons you clicked and comments you made. i am very happy for having found this “family”…

so here goes. the blog will be more quiet for some time, i am afraid. i had a traffic accident with my bicycle and broke one arm several times. i am still glad it was only the arm, it could have ended much worse. … so, i have only one hand available to drive software, and with blender that is so much key commands, it seems very difficult to sculpt with one hand which of course needs to use the graphic pen. … but, knowing me, i will try as i already itch so much to do new sculpt, but it needs wait a little until the arm not feels so sore anymore,,,


17 thoughts on “sad news

  1. Oh my gosh, I missed this post, I hope you get better real soon. And don’t feel rushed to get back on the computer again. I’m sure we can handle a month or two of no sculpts haha.

    • ah, david, maybe you can handle a month without sculps, but i certainly not…lol.. yesterday, actually, i sat 10 minutes blender, just to see if i could sculpt with only one hand. navigation is the most difficult part, some things seem impossible with one hand only…but, i will rest a little more,, thanks for the well wishes πŸ™‚

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