more in this direction of study… enjoy…




5 thoughts on “adrienne

  1. Amazing. Also love the sandstony type effect on the surface.

    Also Doris I just heard in Blender Coders IRC channel that gravity effects while sculpting is a thing that is coming. Dont know when it will arrive but Seb Konig probably has a smile on his face when he heard that. Probably time to go bother Seb K to find out whats what 🙂

  2. Update apparently its set for a few days away. Not sure if it will actually be in trunk or weather it will be in one of the branches. Things about to get interesting for sculpters 🙂

    • oh, i don’t mind to use branches as well, at times i had quite a “tree” of blenders, lol,,, will see, cannot imagine in the moment how this gravity will work with my sculpting style, but for sure i will try it 🙂 and, thank you for the likes 🙂

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