african man

a quick portrait study… pure dynatopo sculpt.



11 thoughts on “african man

    • It’s works sort of the same way but I don’t think zbrush creates triangles.
      This can create some artifacts but you can learn to get around those by practicing.


    • thank you artos,,yes as bert has already said, it works similar. dynatopo creates triangles, zbrush dynamesh creates quads… but the main difference is in zbrush dynamesh you need zbrush tell via the masking stroke that dynamesh should now recalcualte the mesh. while in blender dynatopo, the triangles are created immediately directly under your brushstroke, you can see them being generated… and, to me, this gives the sculpting in blender dynatopo much more a feel like “digital” clay… i love it. its the best digital sculpting tool i ever had used so far.

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