ballerina – 04

so, here is my ballerina finished… i fiddled long time with the lightning, “painting with light” was like it felt. compositing in photoshop. i hope you like the result 🙂




13 thoughts on “ballerina – 04

  1. The shadows and specs are definitely well placed! 🙂 In the book “digital movie making” there was a scene with a ballerina on a round wodden jewel case with some golden elements. Your ballerina reminds me to that! 🙂

  2. Seriously, Doris I just went through all your posts, which are I must say mind-blowing. I honestly admit that I didn’t went through your posts when I followed you, and that’s kinda selfish. I hate myself for that.

    And, man what a hand you have got , your sculptures totally blew me away. Honestly. I am never gonna miss a post from you. Superb sculpts. Waiting for your next post. Honest.

    Story is important and it seems to me that almost all your sculptures have them. I love it.

    • wow, artos, that was quite an undertaking. i thank you so much. … yes, story, it is always what i try to get in, but honestly, i feel i still fall very short on this point often… but, there is time to improve on this 🙂 … thank you for taking all the time to go through my blog.

      • It’s really my pleasure Doris. You really have a great collection of work and am really glad to browse through them and know that we share the same passion, profession and hobbies.. 🙂

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