dragon’s loyalty award

wow, i just received my first award!


i was nominated by steven, thank you so much for this. it feels great πŸ™‚ … now, as i understand that, i have the pleasure to give this award further to 15 bloggers that deserve it, tell them in a comment so they know, and finally tell 7 things about me… huhhu, lots of things to do … lol…so different from sculpting..lol… so here goes, first i nominate the following bloggers for the dragons’loyalty award. be sure to check out their blogs, they are great!

the nominees for dragons’loyalty award are:

ok, 7 things about me:

  • i love sudoku
  • i love art since i am a kid, and it was always portraits that fascinated me. then i began studying, and had no time for art, and only began again about 7 years ago with drawing, wood carving, and now 3d sculpting,,, always portraits of course…
  • i am curious to learn everything
  • i have no car, since bicycle is much better for my health and for world
  • i did gem carving, for jewelery and also mini sculptures. one was particularly fun, a tiny cup carved from jaspis, less than 2cm high and fully functional, boy was that exciting not to break the fragil walls of the cup, so much fun!… now my eyes forbid this tiny work
  • i love adventure games like the classical myst series
  • i hate tv

16 thoughts on “dragon’s loyalty award

  1. Thank You so much Doris.
    I was on my cellphone and my system was being upgraded the day I got this award from you (as I was never awarded mainly for sculpting and I was away from the internet for the last year mainly to focus and polish my sculpting skills). Didn’t get a proper way or chance to thank you, so I just can’t believe it. I am really honoured .I just can’t appreciate or thank you for how much this means to me. Will post some new updates. I love your work too.Keep sculpting. Will check the others out too.You are just too great.

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