julia roberts revisited

it bugged me, that my julia roberts portrait in the portrait challenge was so weak,,,and since i got very valuable constructive critique on it, i tried a rework…also changed the hair to the hairdo she usually has, to make recognize easier…still sketchy…



2 thoughts on “julia roberts revisited

  1. Still sketchy but I love this. Is it decimated and rendered in blender. Personally I haven’t tried blender yet, I just tend to stick with ZBrush mainly and occasionally Maya. How is Blender with clay renders, any idea .. ?

  2. yes, it is stilll sketchy, i did not want overwork it, and i have to admit, julia roberts is a tough person to portrait. i will probably later try again, not completely satisfied with her sculpt yet… yes, it is rendered in cycles, blender, but it is not decimated. i am happy to have a powerful machine, so i just import the highpolymeshes from zbrush and hit render, so to say…
    blender has in my opinion a far superioir renderer, cycles. it needs a little to learn it, but then it is much better than zbrush, also clay renders…but, i know other people have different opinion on that, it is also a matter of taste…

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